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Andre Bergeron Photography

My approach started with a deep philosophical interest for postmodernism and deconstructionism. It investigates topics such as media, fame, fashion, artistic performance, culture. These different areas contribute in the building of complex narratives that the public are receiving which often are perceived as a mixture of fantasy-reality -- which is reminiscent of the role greek mythology played on human psyche.

As a photographer, I become an actor in the production of these images. I try to capture some information about the immediate global context, how the partipants are reacting when they are not actively participating. For example, in a media event, I will be trying to obtain images when people are not posing which reveal other states of mind of the participants about the event.

The image production uncover a web of tensions composed of projections and reflections between different agents which have their own visions and wishes: designers, musicians, photographers, public viewers, models, performers, media, public relation experts and many others. As a photographer, I'm oscillating between the commercial and the documentary aspects of photography. Commercial, where the images are sold, which resolved some of the social tensions; documentary where I direct my camera into this web to investigate it, and try to understand and define my own position.

The website is a gateway where viewers and the automated web itself interact with the images. The site is composed with multiple photo galleries. Each event, of part of it, is represented by series of images where one picture refer to the others and build a narrative like in a comic book. The numerous galleries are refering one to each others.

One idea that is emerging of this protography process is that there is no static meaning that can be established with these series of images. The meaning is a dynamic process that involve the viewers/web and the images, it is constantly evolving and multi-layered. Narratives and new contexts unfold as time passes and viewers/web are interacting and use the pictures.

In this context of postmodernity, I make these images available for commercial uses (higher resolution) and also downloadable for free (lower resolution) where they can be used on internet. The pictures can be modified and integrated in new contexts where they acquire new meanings...